Jumat, 24 Mei 2013

Just a guy from primary school

There was a guy, not a smart one, not a popular one.
But he's cute, the way he smiled, the way he drew Titanic ship with many rulers on his desk. Gosh, I simply admired his drawings!

His hair, his nose, his glasses.

I didn't know what secret admirer means before I got him taking my pictures using his camera one day. I was upset and happy in the same time.
I asked him to give every picture he took. Every single picture of it.

He didn't know that I kept all of it.
He didn't know that until now,
I can't resist not to smile every time I look at the picture and enjoy the past moment.

For you, H.
May universe bless you all the time.

*efek mimpi beberapa episode setelah tidur seharian*



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