Selasa, 26 November 2013

Picky girl

This year I've dated two guys..
I called my mom when we're officially dated.
From the voice, I knew she smiled while saying: "I sent my best prayer, dear."

The first one left me because of some cheesy reasons.
The second one slept with another girl because I chose to against premarital sex.
And I cried for both of them. Stupid and pathetic but true.

Broken heart hurt, a lot.

Pada masa awalnya lo akan mengusahakan apapun untuk bisa kembali bersama. Pada masa awalnya lo mungkin blaming yourself, entah menyalahkan diri sendiri karena sudah memilih dia, atau (parahnya) menyalahkan diri sendiri karena menganggap diri lo adalah alasan kenapa dia ninggalin lo.

Trust me, if he wants to go, he will ALWAYS find million reasons to!
Jadi jangan mempersulit diri sendiri dengan berusaha mempertahankan apa yang ingin dilepaskanya. Hubungan adalah tentang dua orang yang saling mendukung.

I get over it now.
Thanks to tons of assignments, lovely family, and of course amazing bestfriends!!

PS: When you find a picky girl, don't judge her. She may be hurt many times before. She may lost a reason to believe in someone.



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