Kamis, 02 Januari 2014

What is Love?

"First, love is caring about your well-being, happiness, and growth. Love is not just a feeling. True love shows itself in actions. Love is protecting you from emotional or physical pain, helping and strengthening you, and improving your life, without asking to be repaid.

Love is considerate, kind, sensitive to your feelings and needs, unselfish, patient, gentle, tender, respectful, and loyal. Love accepts imperfection in you without being irritable or prone to anger.

A boyfriend who loves you takes interest in your activities, feelings, and ideas. He accepts you as you are and believes in you. He expresses affection and gives approval, praise, comfort, encouragement, and moral support. He performs acts of kindness, helpfulness, and service, even when he must sacrifice to do so.

Forgiving you also shows love. Love finds the strength to continue loving, supporting, believing in, and helping you even when it becomes difficult to do so. True love proves itself in times of trouble, when difficulties and hostilities mount, with patience and help.

Nobody can act in perfectly loving ways all the time, but any good, satisfying close relationship includes these kinds of caring, considerate, and emotionally supportive behaviors most of the time seven days a week.

Any relationship that doesn’t seem on this level for most of the time every day needs serious work that shows improvement over time or needs eliminated. Judge your man by his actions, not by his words.

Many men pretend great love just for sex and treat their women badly. Don’t confuse great sex with love. Even selfish, immature, or physically or emotionally abusive men can be great in bed."
Repost from: http://www.sensiblepsychology.com/judging_boyfriends.htm



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