Minggu, 02 Maret 2014

Let me tell you this,

Let me tell you this before you think to go any further with me, before you think you can change my last name, before you think you can ask my father to agree with your plan about us.

Let me tell you this.

I do not need you to validate myself. I do not need you to tell me that I'm prettier each day. I do not need you to tell me how kind I am. I do not need to you to tell me that I can be whatever I want to be. But I will appreciate your support. And I maybe kiss you along the day when you bring me a bucket of wings with poem written on the card.

I do not choose to be with you because I need someone to make me happy, because I already am. I can smile even when you can't call me, I can smile even when you can't text me. I have many reasons to be happy and grateful. But I know I can be happier with you and your effort to make me happier than before will be noted. I will tell our children in the future how their daddy treated me, I will make they smile and proud to make you their hero. Only if you deserve that.

I have broken many times before and every time I broke, I learned. I have learned that I can not trust every one easily. If you want to trusted, you have to earn that. Do not tell me to trust you, I will when I want to.

I am a difficult person to handle. I have mood swings and it does get worse in PMS. I eat a lot, especially when anxious. I talk a lot, especially when excited. If you think you will be annoyed, please find someone else.

I will be grateful if you choose to go because that does mean I don't have to be broken. I do not have to through those crying and suffering. Do you know why? Because I do not love you that much.

Maybe I will, only when I found that you deserve that.



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