Kamis, 15 Mei 2014

Once upon a night!

Let me tell you a story,
about a girl whose night was ruined.
Here she is!
She isn't pretty nor wealthy.
And at 11 PM she said to her friends that she's so lonely.
She wanted to go far away from those sucks college assignments and problems.

(not) good girls
And her crazy friends said that, "Okay, we will go."
It's almost midnite and she replied, "But where?"
And her friends answered, "Anywhere, as far as you want to. As long as we are together."

The girl was taught with a belief that midnight isn't a proper time for a good-girl to hangout. But she thought at the moment, being a not-so-good-girl sometimes will be okay.

The fact is she's not a good girl at all.
But thank God she has very good friends.
They went in the middle of the night by last travel schedule, going nowhere.

They walked together for several kilometers with all talks, laughs, giggles, and jokes before finding a fried-duck's stall.
It's 1.30 PM in the morning.
She had a very long conversation and tons of laughs!

All she knew that she was grateful.
Here are the reasons:
Her beloved partner-in-crime.
The one who said that, "You choose what you get in your life."
The one who always says, "He is a jerk." every single time the girl was broken.

The only guy in her peer. The logic and smart-ass!
The guy who assures that every one is safe in any occasions.
The protector.

The one who asked, "Need a help? Need someone to talk to? Is everything okay?"
The one who always tried hard to be available between her tight schedule.
The helper.

It's almost 3 PM.
They can't find any transportation to go back and chose to pay 150K for a cab.
Stupidity's cost.

And the girl is simply happy.



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